Great Libraries Make Great Societies

At the University of Texas at Austin, our motto is What Starts Here Changes the World: and we believe that what changes the world starts with our teaching and our research.

In a democracy, everyone should have a right to knowledge. But knowledge depends on access to sources and the ability to share them with the world. We believe UT Austin is one of the nation’s great research universities in large part because of its libraries, which make books, online journals, and other resources available to any student, scholar, or researcher at any time. Our libraries serve communities across campus, from Mathematics to Classics and from Sociology to Physics. Libraries also make communities - communities of scholars and students - all supported by the skill and expertise of our talented library staff.

We believe our libraries unite us across our campus, and that they connect us to a global network of teachers, researchers and innovators. We believe we can, and we should, give our libraries a sustainable budget that will enable our faculty, staff, and students to start here and change the world.

Our libraries can make great societies - but only if we sustain them.